Currently Available

“Reflections of Memory: Water as Idea”

“Study for Reflections Series
(‘No Photograph’)”

“Butterfly: Golden Kingdom”

“Butterfly: Necessary Conflict”

“Waterfall Butterfly”

“Butterfly: Eyes of the Jungle”

“The Unseen World”
“Butterfly: Stained Glass Window”
has been sold.

“Butterfly Mysterioso”

“Playa Dragon Butterfly”

“Monster in the Flower Garden”

“The Butterfly Returns”

“Racing Coral Seahorses”

“I Let the Gesture Stand”

“Its Own Reason For Being”

“Both Water and Life are Motion”


“Fish One”

“Yellow 3-D Script”

“Red Script”

“Magenta Script”

“Tribal Glyphs”

“Clever Hans Meets the Activated Surface”

“Gesture with Texture”

“Horizon Painting: Violet and Gold”


“Horizon Box Ten”

“Half of Every Day is Night”

“Horizon Painting: Green Stripe”

“Horizon Painting: Light Blue”

“Horizon Painting: Magenta on the Bottom”

“Horizon Painting: Magenta, Blue and Red”

“Horizon Painting: Orange and Blue”

“Horizon Painting 1/1/05”

“Horizon Painting: Hot Green”

“Horizon Painting: Deep Red”

“Horizon Painting: Red Out Of Black”

“Flight of Autumn Leaves”


“Man at the Crossroads”

“Written in the Rocks”

“Stark Fist of Removal”

“Horizon Box Five”

“Horizon Box Twelve”

“Horizon Painting”

“Anatomical Landscape”

“Silver Surround: Pregnant Python”

“X Marks the Spot”(II)



“X, Y, and Z”

“Horizon Box Seven”

“Horizon Box Eight”

“Horizon Box Eleven”

“This Experiment Is Out of Control”

“Horizon Box Two”


“Homage to Jackson Pollock”

“Cover Illustration for a Science Fiction Novel That Has Never Been Written”
General Information

These are original, one of a kind, works of art. Accordingly, before purchasing, you should contact the artist to ensure that the piece you want is still available.

Orders may be mailed to:
Walter T. Rhoads
PO Box 5692
Sacramento CA 95817

Payment may be made through PayPal or by mailing a check to the artist. All checks should be payable to Walter T. Rhoads. Orders will be returned if the work has already been sold. Appropriate shipping charges will be added to the purchase price.

Email the artist at