2008 Work

“Landscape Study (spontaneous)”

“Horizon Study: California Dream”

Fluid Study: Butterfly in the Rock

“Glyph Study: X, Y and Z—Orange Flame”

“Glyph Study: Thick and Thin”

“Glyph Study: I Discovered the Song Within Me”

“Glyph Study: Silver Zed”

“Glyph Study: Sentence Fragment”

“Glyph Study: Pterodactyl”

“Glyph Study: Orange Rococo”

“Glyph Study: Orange Pop, Maroon Harmony”

“Glyph Study: The Necessity of Gray”

“Glyph Study: When You Use Mud, Be Sure to Make it Sing”

“Glyph Study: The Magic Chromatic”

“Glyph Study: Illumination”

“Glyph Study: Green Vibration”

“Glyph Study: The Magenta-Green Conclusion”

“Glyph Study: Inescapable”

“Glyph Study: Green Gold Two”

“Glyph Study: In the Green Flame”

“Glyph Study: Leaving the Gray Alone”

“Glyph Study: Golden Horizon”

“Glyph Study: Deep Blue”

“Glyph Study: Dancing Yellow”

“Glyph Study: Dancing Man”

“Glyph Study: Confessions of a Mad Colorist”

“Glyph Study: Reading the Bones”

“Glyph Study Two”

“Glyph Study”

“Glyph Study: Ancient Treasures”

“Glyph Study: Blue Sensation”

“Glyph Study: Green Gold”

“Glyph Study: Green Meaning”

“Glyph Study: Green and Orange Don't Work...But Sometimes They Do”

“Glyph Study: Inescapable”

“Glyph Study: No Literal Meaning”

“Glyph Study: Thrift Store Memory”

“Glyph Study: Sign of Z”