New Work: 2007

The following are works produced in 2007

“Small Glyph”

“Octaglyph: Union of Opposites”

“Octaglyph: The Fire Within”

“Octaglyph: Out of the Blue and Into the Black”

“Octaglyph: No One Knows My Name”

“Graffiti Script: Primary Colors”

“Octaglyph: Color of a Ghost”

“Octaglyph: Señor Ojo”

“Octaglyph: Tribe of One”

“Creation and Destruction”

“Butterfly: Big Yellow”

“Metamorphosis Two”

“Spine Script”

“Graffiti Script Three”

“Graffiti Script One”

“Graffiti Script Two”


“Golden Script”

“Sea Monster”

“Big Fish”

“Tie-Dye Butterfly”

“Spring Shoots”

“Not As We Know It”

“Freak Flag”



“Green Script”


“Green Fish”

“Silver Script”