The following are works produced in 2006

“Riding the Rainbow Wave”

“Fish Three”

“Fish Two”

“Aqua Script”

“Tally Script: Sunrise Superman”

“Sam, I Hardly Knew Ye”

“Blue Script”

“The Painted World: Figment as Pigment”

“X Butterfly Vibration”

“Bio-Logical Exotica”

“Learning to Let Glow”

“Fire Waters”

“Horizon Box: Painted World”

“Four Windows”

“Texture for Vincent”

“The Road Beyond the Wheatfield”


“X Parade”

“Extra Texture”

“Red Script”

“Yellow 3-D Script”


“Tribal Glyphs”

“Reflections of Memory: Water as Idea”

“Study for Reflections Series
(‘No Photograph’)”

“Butterfly: Stained Glass Window”