The Painted World

July 14 - August 4, 2007
Artisan Gallery
1901 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, California 95815

Chaos reigns, but out of chaos comes order.

An Abstract Expressionist primordial soup begets a Sea of Possibility, where finny things eat and are eaten, and symbols, dancing, form an undiscovered arcanum.

Yearning to take flight, a larval form undergoes metamorphosis and becomes a shining imago.

“Butterfly: Big Yellow”

“Tie-Dye Butterfly”

“Metamorphosis Two”

“Graffiti Script Three”

“Graffiti Script One”

“Graffiti Script Two”

“Big Fish”


“Sea Monster”

“Fish Two”

“Green Fish”

“Blue Script”

“Green Script”

“Silver Script”

“Spine Script”


“Bio-Logical Exotica”

“Not As We Know It”

“Spring Shoots”

“X Butterfly Vibration”

“Learning to Let Glow”


“Riding the Rainbow Wave”

“The Road Beyond the Wheatfield”

“Sam, I Hardly Knew Ye”

“Four Windows”

“The Painted World: Figment as Pigment”

“Horizon Box: Painted World”

“Creation and Destruction”

“Written in the Rocks”

“Extra Texture”
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