Realistic Works

You might think “realistic works” would be self-explanatory, but here, as in my other styles, there are variations, mutations, hybrids, and contradictions. During the making of several of these, I was strongly influenced by the Photorealism school of the Seventies, but, try as I might, I couldn't maintain strict fidelity to the artifacts of the photographic image. I couldn't be Chuck Close. But neither did I really want to be. What I really wanted to be was Joseph Raffael. I didn't make it, but he sets a high standard.

My impulse in realistic work is to go beyond reportage and toward the visionary. Maybe, at heart, I'm a “Magic Realist.”

“Green Mamba”

24“x36,” oil on canvas.

“Bonnie: Space Traveler”

24 x 24 acrylic on unstretched polyester, ca. 1979

Bits of a long-ago self-portrait

Acrylic on canvas, 1978. Unsatisfied with it, I cut it into pieces, thinking I'd reassemble it into another piece, but never did, and the pieces are lost. Only a photo remains.

“Reggie Jackson”

18”x24”, oil on canvas, 1974.


Watercolor, 9 x 12 ca. 1974


Acrylic on canvas, 72x48 ca. 1975


22 x 28 Oil on canvas, 1974

Related Works
“Canadian Lynx” 24”X36,” acrylic on canvas.

The “Great Cats” show featured a variety of realistic works.

“Bird, Marsh, Moon” Approx 5'x7,' acrylic on unstretched canvas.

The “Birds” show featured several realistic works.

“Blue Tiger”

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