“Punk Expressionism”

Generally the paintings in this category are figurative, but not realistic, and many also have glued-on elements that put them in the "sculptural" category. What they tend to share is a certain sensibility...

“This Experiment Is Out of Control”

“Stark Fist of Removal”

“Man at the Crossroads”

48”x48” oil and oil enamel on hardboard. This piece is available for sale. Click the thumbnail for more information.

“X the Unknown”

36”x48,” acrylic on hardboard with applied wood and canvas strips. Private collection.

“The Apotheosis of Saint Budweiser”

Acrylic, wood, particle board, sheet aluminum

“X Marks the Spot”(II)

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“Punk Expressionist” works were shown at the Zebra gallery show. Click here to see more of that show.