High School, Early College.

Most of these were for a quarter-long cartooning class I took in high school. "Life Among the Goons," however, was for the assignment, "Create a title page for a film," in a quarter-long filmmaking class I took. The film never got made.

Obviously I'd been exposed to R. Crumb by now. A cute little village, at night, with bats. Darkly comical. If you've been looking at these in chronological order you know where I'm coming from.

This was my submission for a logo for a semi-pro basketball team that existed for about five minutes. They were going to be the Sacramento Prospectors. I thought I combined the "prospector" and "basketball" concepts quite well, but they said no. Too gay? The prospector does look a little too happy to find this lanky guy in his pan.

"Daredevil" versus "the Vermin of Steel." All due acknowledgements to Marvel, of course. Buy their comic books and watch each and every movie based on their characters. You got that? 'Nuff said!